Arzuros Final

I forgot to upload this here. I didn’t like how the body was turning out so just the face. Hopefully will redo a full body one in the future. Good practice for fur and hair though.


Animal A-Z

Week 3 - Caracals

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A superb fuck-ton of bear references.

If you’re doing animation or something pertaining to bears walking, for the love of mud, watch some clips before you start. The forepaws move a bit differently from other animals. And regardless of how fat and squishy they may appear, they. Run. Fast. They are coordinated and strong. Like I said, watch some clips to get a better idea.

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Ya’ll got no excuse to draw bears like dogs. DRAW EM LIKE BEARS.

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This is how I feel sometimes.

This is how I feel sometimes.

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Arzuros: WIP 3

Probably the last WIP I upload on him. :)

I really like how the skin texture is turning out. I think the brushes are from a blood splatter pack, hahaha. I’m not sure though. I’ve collected a few over the years for photo editing with my scrapbooking projects.

The mouth is halfway done I think. Maybe 3/4’s. I want to adjust the colours a bit and maybe fix some teeth. I adjusted the shape of the eyes as well.

This is just 4 hours in from when I last worked on it. :/

This is probably going to be my first time working with fur. Hopefully as realistic as I plan. :S


Real size Arzuros at odaiba!

Arzuros WIP: Part 2

Added colour. Detail is what I’m dreading at this point. x_x

Monster Hunter Wii U

So far loving it. But only because it’s similar to Tri with a few monsters added. The online multiplayer stuff is different…don’t know if i like it yet. 

Anyways. Worried a lot about fighting Arzuros. Never fought him before, didn’t know what to expect. But….he was really easy. :D

Picked up my tablet and started working away. This is the sketch face still. :3
Still recovering from surgery, but when it’s done, it’ll be on my DA account (

The things I see in Big Dig (Minecraft)